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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Under moonlight

What do you think about yourself in the next 24 hours?What will happen and where you'll been. Well,all of us did'nt know for exactly.That is the question.
Tonight for an hour,my dad and i went to the beach.We're looking for clams(in local dialect,we prefer to call it as remis).We're only got 6 crabs,2 huge mussels and a little amount of clams.That only...nothing much... this is my first time and you know what: i step on a starfish and the only thing across in my mind is "Bintang" haha it's actually Tapak Sulaiman for correct...


Ananz said...

weii dah abes BTN ker..??

IKHWAN™ said...

Yup da habis da...last day 06 hb 7 selepas kembara..sempat duk hostel 1 hari.Ni kat rumah le...tunggu posting..hehe