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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Salam, i'm from Malaysia a Malay and one of Kyle XY die hard fan.Currently Media Prima TV3 aired its Season 3 every Wednesday at 11pm and was premiered on last July 22nd this year (2009) . I know it's was a finale season and ABC family already aired it on their channel.Feel so sad because it's finally come to an end.So, i made a resolution on Kyle XY. I'll make a review on every episode of Season 3. It has 10 episodes at all. So, in Malaysia it will be on its finale episode on September 23th during fourth Hari Raya.Before we proceed to Season 3 review, let we take a look on past Seasons.Kyle XY was an experiment from Zzyzx, a clone of company creator Adam Baylin. Due to his longer gestation period, Kyle exhibited superhuman abilities that grew as the series progressed.

Before Season 1

Adam Baylin created Kyle with his DNA, but told Brian Taylor that he would discontinue the project if Kyle was a failure. William Kern ousted Adam Baylin and put 781227 to his own tests.

William was disappointed to hear that 781227 was failing his tests and considered discontinuing him. He later learned that Kyle had downloaded all the Zzyzx information into his brain and ordered him destroyed.

Tom Foss managed to rescue 781227's lifeless body and revive him, only for William Kern to come out and chase them down. In order to protect Kyle, Tom Foss killed William Kern before being forced to leave the unconscious experiment behind.

Season 1

Kyle awakened in the middle of nowhere naked and covered in a strange pink "goo". After coming across a couple in a tent having sex, Kyle made it to the street, where he was promptly arrested and taken to a detention center. Lou Daniels from the detention center noticed that Kyle was strange and called Nicole Trager to check him out. Meanwhile, Kyle learned how to quench hunger and got into a fight with another inmate.

When Nicole arrived, Lou told her everything he knew and showed her that Kyle didn't have a belly button. Nicole named him Kyle after Lou's brother and took him home, much to her family's chagrin.Nicole sat him down at the computer while Lori Trager walked in only wearing a towel. Josh immediately took a dislike to Kyle. Kyle wandered out to where he heard Amanda Bloom playing the piano. He was scared off when Amanda noticed him. Amanda's mother warned Kyle to stay away.

At 'Declan McDonough party, Kyle came to the rescue when the party was raided by police. Using skills he learned, Kyle outsmarted the cop. The cop backed down. Kyle then carried Lori home.Later, The Trager family learned that Kyle hadn't slept in the week he was living there. They tried everything to get him to sleep only to find out that he preferred the bathtub over a regular bed. Lori later left Kyle home alone because she got fired from her job, so Stephen took Kyle to his work at LWK Technologies and asked him to stay with a temp receptionist named Allison while Stephen went to a meeting. Kyle wandered off like a bored child and had a conversation with Mark Crenshaw before he came across a downed server, which Kyle then promptly repaired.

Kyle had a dream that Amanda was smiling towards him and later joined Josh, Lori, and Hillary at the pool where Amanda was a lifeguard. Kyle didn't know how to swim and when he entered the water he began to drown and was then rescued by Amanda, he then had an embarrassing erection without the knowledge or what exactly it was. After having "the talk" with Stephen, Kyle joined Josh and Lori to Jeff Preston's party where he planned on telling Amanda how he felt, but was heartbroken to see she was already dating Charlie Tanner. 

Nicole enrolled Kyle in Beachwood High School but had to take a series of tests before he could attend classes. Kyle knew nothing of history or the other topics that he was being tested over, so left the room when the bell rang, as he saw other students doing this. Kyle went to the lunchroom where L.K.Deichman sat. After some convincing, Deichman taught Kyle about the difference between real and fictional characters before taking him to the library. Kyle began to read the encyclopedia and ran into Amanda and Charlie before leaving. Kyle avoided along conversation with either of them. He wandered into Mr.Miller's room and answered the grad-school question on the board before stopping a fight between Josh and a bully named Toby Neuwirth. 

Kyle was taken back to Bradford Hooper's office with only 30 minutes to take the test. Kyle took it with ten minutes to spare and scored a passing score. He then asked if he could attend regular classes rather than getting a tutor as they had originally planned. Thus starts Kyle's high school adventures. Kyle and the Tragers were stuck inside after a rainstorm and they began to learn about each other, such as Declan's accidental hit-and-run, Josh's alien notebook, and Kyle's birthday: 781227.

Charlie later offered Kyle to join the basketball team after seeing him in the Trager's backyard. Kyle agreed, but Declan and the coach were harder to convince. Kyle was eventually let on, but the pressure was hard on him. During the game, the coach kicked Declan off the team after he wouldn't/couldn't play with a injured ankle. Kyle refused to take his place and the rest of the team followed suit. Leading into a team forfeit. Kyle joined Lori and Declan to the University of Washington because that was where William Kern, the man from his dreams and the skeleton from the forest, worked. At the University, Kyle met Anna Manfredi, Kern's research assistant.

Anna was skeptical about Kyle at first, but allowed him to take Kern's test. Anna was shocked at Kyle's intelligence, but Kyle was even more shocked to find a picture of himself from 1985.The next day, Anna brought a receptionist named Lily to Kyle's dorm who explained that the man was Adam Baylin and that he had been missing for twenty years. Kyle followed one of Baylin's notes to a coordinate, but was stopped from climbing a fence by the mysterious Tom Foss who ordered him to stop asking questions. For a time, Kyle listened.

Kyle returned to his investigation when he developed super hearing and overheard Foss talking with Cyrus Reynolds and Declan accusing Charlie of cheating on Amanda with Hillary. Kyle suffered a tonic clonic seizure from the pain of straining his powers. At the hospital, Detective Jason Breen brought two people, David and Julie Peterson, who claimed to be Kyle's real parents. The Trager's spoke with the Peterson, and they explained most of Kyle's strange habits, but couldn't explain anything about Adam Baylin or William Kern. Kyle spoke with Tom Foss in the woods where he told Kyle to go with the Petersons and that he didn't exists before that day in the woods. Kyle obeyed Foss and bid farewell the Tragers.

Kyle commended the Peterson for being good actors before being dropped off at a mansion. The Petersons left and Kyle entered the mansion to see the man he spoke with in the church: Adam Baylin.

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Enjoy the show....


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