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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sumthing that u always wanna do...

Search on how to increase traffic to your blog and in the same time earn money for that?

1) The very first thing you should do NOW is to register your blog to Blog Explosion. Wait for your blog to be approved. When approved, you MUST surf other Blog Explosion member's blogs because for every blog that you visit, you earn credits. Then assign those credit to your blog and for every credit assigned, your blog will appear once to other members to visit. Remember, you must visit other member's blog so they will visit yours.

2) Blog about blogging. Read more about it HERE

3) Make your blog searchable by search engines. And label your posts so the search engines would catalogued your blog by keywords.

4) If you are Nuffnang-exclusive members who are Glitterati, innit your blog!
Hope you can get benifits from this info and hei start living off from blogging.Peace !!!

Credits to Kaizar for the info
K...wanna go for lunch with someone...hehe...update ni kat cc..

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