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Sunday, December 5, 2010


" To Fight The Darkness OutSide There, You Must Fight The Darkness Inside Yourself"

Today... I Went To Pavilion KL For The Narnia.. Yeah The Third Chronicles Of Narnia, The Voyage Of Dawn Treader 3D.. This Has To Be The Longest Movie Title... Me And My Man Friends.. So I Can Say It Just Another Boys Day Out.. 
I'm Freak That I'm Waited For Them For Almost 5 Hours In The Noon.. They Went For Car Service Cause One Of Them Are Going Back To His Hometown In Pasir Puteh On Sunday... So, I Read  A Book... A Novel About Dot.Dot.Dot.. I Just Completely Read The Whole Book...This Novel Not Sold In Major BookStores And Was Not Permitted To Be Published... Hehe, Of Course It Not About Political Crap Because I Hate Politics.. Thanks For The Book.. I Need More Books To Read.. 
At First, We Went To Berjaya Times Square.. Huh I Think The Last Day I Went There Last June At Papa John Pizza With Someone... We Went Downstair For GNC Clearance Stock.. I Bought Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro Series For Advanced Musclebuilding Whey Protein Formula And 28 Oz Blender Bottle.. They Gave A Free Gift Redemption:- A T-shirt And A Vitamin Case For Him And Her.. I Bought A New AugustMan Issue, A Year End Issue:December.. Kinda Hilarious With Fun.. After Watched Narnia, We Went To Danau Kota For 2 Hours Karaoke... 
I'm Not Going To Reveal Spoiler For The Narnia.. But Maybe A Lil Bit Of Quick Review..
The Chronicles Of Narnia:
-The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
-Prince Caspian
-The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
-The Silver Chair
-The Horse And His Boy
-The Magician's Nephew
-The Last Battle
You Can Simply Read The Review Here
The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
I Like The Ending OST:- 
There Are Place For Us By Carrie Underword

We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe. 
It's written in the stars that shine above, 

a world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong, 

Your Virtual Friend
Ikhwankaizen Carl

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