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Monday, December 6, 2010


I Love To Share What I Read In Sunday Newspaper Today... Something That Grab A Glimpse Of My Attention.. About Smart Parenting By Zaid Ibrahim.

Let The Story Begin:-
A Little Boy Excitedly Exclaimed That A Cat Just Spoke To Him. His Mum Asked:" Are You Sure? Cats Can't Talk To Humans."
He Said: " Yes, It Can.Just Now When I Said,' Meow', To Him, He Said, 'Meow' ,Back!"
Adults Would Have Laughed At The Idea. But Little Kids With No Predefined Concept Of "Impossible" Would Be Looking At The World In A Whole New Way.
Nobody Said Speaking To Animals Has To Be In Human Language. Communication Can Happen Using The Animal's Language Too, As Demonstrated By The Boy!
A.d.a.m Firhan is an orphan baby boy! and he was under an orphanage cares.. his parent dumped him.. Alhamdulillah thanks God.. Now he was adopted by a doctor family.. We love you!
Life As A Marathon
Sprinting May Get Us To Our Destination Quickly, But We May Not Have The Time To Enjoy The Journey Nor The Energy To Enjoy The Destination. It's Better To Run At Our Pace Than Push Hard To Overtake Another At The First Few Milestones.
We May Not Win At Those Milestones, But By No Means Is The Journey Over. In Fact, It Gives Us The Opportunity To Restrategise And Start Anew. We Can Analyse What We Did Right Or Wrong And Take Action Accordingly. We Must Continue Our Journey And Not Let Failure Keep Us Down.
One Way To Re-Energise Ourselves Is To Be Grateful With What We Have.

Don't Stop Believing
We Should Pursue Our Dream And Never Stop Believing. Hope Is The Main Thing That Make This World Go Around. You And Me. Allah Works In Mysterious Ways. We May Not Get Everything That We Want Today Because We May Be Snowballing Downhill And Build More Success. Stop Worrying About The Things We Have Missed And Instead Channel Our Energy To Continue And Keep Trying.There Is A Place For Each An Every One Of Us As Individuals In This World. Have Faith That Allah Is Listening And Our Time Will Come. Life Won't Be Fair All The Time. We Can Work Hard To Change What Wee Can, But For Those We Can't , We Just Have To Smile And Move On.

Your Virtual Friend:-
Ikhwankaizen Carl

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