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Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey There Again Guys... My Resolutions For 2011 Has Details About A Little Surprise For You Guys.. ;) So Be Sure To Check It Out!

There's A Lot You Can Do On Here So Feel Free To Look Around And Leave Comments! I Would Love To Know What You're Thinking. There Is A Forum Section Too On Facebook! Whoah! I'm Going To Post Regularly On Here Whether It Be Videos, Pictures, Articles, Chicken Soup For The Soul, A Lil Bit Of My Personal Journal And..... Everything!
Sorry On My Previous Post.. I Won't Delete This Weblog As It Has A Huge Sentimental Value For Me..

Just Wait For My 2011 Resolutions And I Believe You Guys Gotta Have Something For The Year.. A Big Plan Maybe.. So, Just Keep It Up..

To Dave Days, Aj Oran And David Pinard... You Guys' Shows Are Really Exciting. It Gave Me A Reason To Make Differences In My Whole Life.. Always Better For 2011 And Years Ahead.. Coooolsauce Man...

Thanks For Checking Out The Site!

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