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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


" This Is The Last Warning And The Last Chance I Give You.. After This You'll Be Transfer To Another Place  "

This Word Might Scare Some Of Us... Yeah We're Living In Such Pathetic And Fake World.. Whatever It Is.. It Really Freak Me Out! 
You With Your Ego... Never Accept Some Advices From The Others.. This Is Not Your Father Company...
You're Stoned Man, And When You Wake Up Later Next Morning, You Will Forget Every Word You've Said To Me-Like You Always Do. So You Might As Well Keep Quiet And Save All This Nonsense To Yourself.. 
I Know Somethings Must Be Happen To You.. I Can See Through Your Reaction.. Are You Resist Or What..
Promise To Me That You'll Never Compromise Your Happiness. Don't Let Other People Determine What's Best For You... Don't Let Other People's Opinion Of You Become Your Reality.
Always Remember This Ikhwan... Deep Inside You.. You Have A Good Heart. You Have A Beautiful Soul.You're Kind Of Brilliant If You Know It".

Eurm... Life Doesn't Simple Like A..B..C.. What Kind Of Ecstacy Word.. You Should Know  How Hard The Life When Trumble Always Come Into Your Side.. 

With Another 15 Days Before 2011... I Think I'm Gonna Make Myself Far Away From Person Who Ever Close Next To Me.. Coz The Truth Is I Really Far Away From Them Actually.. I Felt It Was... It Really Was.. I Did'nt Know Why I'm Not Happy With Myself.. I Wanna Find The True Of Me... I Wanna Find A New Home.. Staying Alone And Express Myself Without Being Hipocryte To Pretend That I'm Happy But The Truly Is I'm Not... May Be I'm Not So Important For Them... Just A Tiny Dot Compare To The Vast Universe..
Thanks 2010 For Giving Me The Most Overtuning Events  Of The Whole Year Around... But No Thanks For 2 Weeks Being Warded Coz Of Dengue Fever , February 1st Till Valentine.
Some Friends Though That I'm A Kind Of Ego And Arrogant Person.I'm Not.. I Just Too Shy To Meet New People...But Not In Virtual World... LOL. I Can Be A Good Friend... Trust Me..
The Biggest Things I Did'nt Like About Myself Is I'm Easily Feeling Badly When Someone Hurting My Mood.. I Know You Really Did'nt Want To See What Happen Next.. And The Worst I don't Know  How To Show My True Emotion But Don't Worry I Can Still Differentiate Between What I Love And What I Hate.. I'm Totally Not Perfect But I Try My Best To Keep Me Up On The Track. I'm Just Like A Jingsaw Puzzle Still Looking For The Other Masterpieces..

I Don't Really Watch TV But Actually I Wish I Could Catch My Favourite Programs More... I Keep Updated With Online Newspaper.. Thanks Allah For The Net.. 
As What My Friends Told Me... And I Really Admit It, I Actualy Easily Influenced By Surrounding Especially On What I Read And What I Watch... So, Please Don't Attempt Me..

Next Year On January 07th.. I Will Remember Him.. His Birthday... My Late Little Brother, Irfan.. Next Year He Will Be 7.. I Miss Him So Badly... I Never See My Dad Crying But For Him.. My Dad Really Show That A Man Has A Strong Feeling Toward His Child.. My Mum.. And My Other Siblings.. I Love My Family Although I Don't Really Show It And I Rather Die For Them And I Hope I'm The First One To Die Before Any Of Them.. I Just Can't Bear Living Without Any Of Them... 
One More Thing, I Don't Like Person Who Back Biting My State.. But I Did'nt Mind At All If They Call Me Kampung Boy Coz The Truth Is I'm One Of Them.. So What The Big Deal... Nothing...

I'm Not Too Strong.. I Need To Strenghten My Connection Network Between Me And Allah.. I Don't Really Pray (Sorry) And I Wanna Change That... I Just Pray When I'm Extremely Happy, Not When I Need Something... I Hope Allah Will Never Forget Me And Close His Door.. Because I'm Not So Enough Remembering Him.... I Wanna Boost My Performance..

Your Virtual Friend
Ikhwankaizen Carl

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