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Friday, December 17, 2010


Went To Pavilion Just Straight Away From Work For TRON Legacy 3D.. 2 And Half Hours... Nearly Make Me Close My Eyelids Before The Real Action Taking Over.. Overall This Movie Is Pretty Cool And Much Better Than SKYLINE. Worth To Watch It.. 
Watch TRON Made Me Feel Like I Was In The Grid Of Virtual Video Game World...Microsoft Of Course...DNA Memory Of Disc War And Yet Another Fragile Light Race.. I Can See The Strong Religious Theme Throughout The Movie.. A Lil Bit Illuminati I Guess.. The Creator Of The Tron Program a.k.a God, Sam As The Son Of God, Users Vs Programs And The Imperfection Against Perfectionism.. This Movie Evaluate Some Core Philosophy From The Matrix.. And Got A Touch Of Iron Man, Inception And Transformers..
If You Recall The Original Tron,It's Been 28 Years Now..You'd Remember That Jeff Starred As  Computer Whiz Kevin Flynn. Flynn Is Zapped Into The World Of The Game Grid While Attempting To Gather Evidence To Prove To His Former Employers At Encom That He, And Not The Devious Dillinger, Is, In Fact Responsible For The Company's Best Selling Games. Legacy Sees Him Reprise That Role As Well As Potray Flynn's Digital"Avatar" Clu, A Program That Veered From Its Original Purpose Decaded Ago, Trapped Its Creator And Assumed Control Of The Grid. And Of Course, Since Clu Is A Program, He Has'nt Aged One Nano Second Since "Birth".
Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn, Heir To The Encom Throne Who'd Much Rather Raise Hell Than Lead His Father's Company. Sam, Who Was Left Orphaned When His Father Went Missing In 1989.Sam, Who, When Alerted About A Mysterious Message Sent From The Old Flynn's Arcade, Must Decide Whether To Search For The Father He Once Knew.He Then Finds Himself Sucked Into The World Of The Game Grid... The Wheels Are Always Turning, Figuring Things Out From One Level To The Next, To Survive And Overcome The Obstacles, To Find His Father And Finally Go Home.. Like About Neon Lit Suits, Daft Punk's Score Soundtrack And The Mind Blowing 3D Itself... Happy Cinema Everyone..

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