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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's 4 am In The Morning...  A Kind Of Insomaniac?
I Don't Think So.. It Might Come From My Miserable Life Schedule.. Haha.. And Thanks To My Hatred Friend... Kahkahkah...

So:- What Happen To Me In The Weekend?
Friday Night:-
Guess What? I'm Joined A Karaoke Session In Pusat Latihan Menyanyi   For 3 Hours... I Actually Prefer 4 to 5 Hours.. Eurm But Thanks God... That Was Not The Best Place And The Hatred Friend Was There Dominated All Songs.. Freakin' Voice.. Sorry To Say, I Was Not Enjoy The Night.. The Best Thing Is Char Kuey Theaw, A Kind Of Food,Everybody..

The Next Morning... I Went To My Workplace For 13 Hours Oncall... It's Actually My First Time Doing Maintenance And QC For Integra Since It's Been Too Long...I'm Not Used To Be With It Anymore.. But I'm Dare To Challenge Myself.. Yeah...
Sunday On The Noon:-
I Went To PWTC For Kuala Lumpur International Motorsport Showcase 2010 (KLIMS).Love It So Damn Much.. It's Big Boys' Toy Things...
From PWTC To KLCC.. Watched The First Ever Malay Movie.. I Promise This Will Be The Last...

Your Virtual Friend:-
Ikhwankaizen Carl

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