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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Thanks God, It's Finally Friday.... As Usual Friday Night Fever... I Don't Know About You But I'm Ready For The Weekend... Hei I'm Not Going To Have Such A Disco Party Night Life.. Maybe Not For Tonight Or The Mean Time.. But It Could Be Someday.. Hehe.. I'm Innocent Grown Up Young Man You Know.. 
The Eve Of The Weekend,So I Take My Late Night Supper After My Office Hours Over At 9.15pm.. The Same Hours That Woo Myself For The Last Friday... 
Disco Party... Yes I Am.. But Not.. I'm Just Passed It Through.. As The Ground Floor Of Avenue K Has A Lot Of Disco And Bars.. I Went To The Gym Just For Refreshment... Take A Perfectly Shower.. And I'm Totally Off Interest To Run On The Threadmill And Do So On Of Gym Activities Coz It Already Late.. Nearly 40minutes To Closed.. 
Then, I Went To Suria KLCC For A Midnight Movie... Oh No... I'm An Alone Ranjer Tonight... I Watched Mark Zuckerberg Alive.. The Youngest Millionaire.. Hehe.. That Not Him.. But The Story About The Greatest Social Network Creation On The Earth :- FACEBOOK. I've Learnt So Much Lessons From This Movie And It Has Change My Perspective A Lot.. Yeah.. Always Better.. You Need To Be Smart And Lateral In Thinking..
This Movie Runtime Need Your 2 Hours Of Time To Spent.Live And Embrace The New Generations With Google Founded On 1998 And Facebook In 2004.The Social Network Feature Our Next Spiderman Hero:- Andrew Garfield. To Make A World, We Must Doing Something Else Extraordinary. What The Mostly Thing I Learnt Is Never Left Your Friends,Collegues, Family And Anyone Behind You When You're Ruthlessly Forges Onwards, Driven By The Promise Of Wealth Almost Unimaginable.. Sometimes, There Are Still Good Friends Out There Even It's Hard To Find Some Nowadays..
Why, I'm Always Being Stuck With This Pop Up In My Head, For All The Many Good Things The Webs Has Brought Us, Why Is There That Nagging Feeling That It Just Can't Be Right To Live Our Whole  Lives On Fcebook? But The Truth Is Me Myself Can't Avoid Myself Temptation To Sign Into Facebook Every Day.. It's Might Be Falsely Jolly, Fake Friendly, Self Promoting And Slickly Disingenuous.. Hei, Don't Get Me Wrong... Through Facebook, I Can Simply Make Friends All Over The World.. Checking Their Updated Status... Share Experience With Beautiful People And Places... And Sometimes, I Can Discard My Problem With Their Joke Statement.. LOL
In Conclusions, Facebook Was Designed By A College Sophomore, For Its 500 Million Users.. And Will Be Up And Hike

"Beloved Interface With Reality"

Your Virtual Friend:
Ikhwankaizen Carl

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